Frontend Weekly Digest #336 (6–12 November 2023)

Fresh Frontend Links
2 min readNov 12, 2023



HTML First — a set of principles that aims to make building web software easier, faster, more inclusive, and more maintainable
Blinded By the Light DOM


CSS nesting relaxed syntax update
CSS Nesting is Here
Tailwind CSS: Pros and Cons
Why You Should Use px Units for margin, padding, & Other Spacing Techniques
Using CSS content-visibility to boost your rendering performance
Surprising Facts About New CSS Selectors
Exploring the CSS :dir pseudo-class: A deep dive


How to Build a JavaScript Retail Income Statement App
Usability madness of the Modern Javascript UI
JetBrains JavaScript Day 2023–8 videos
The Science Behind The JavaScript Engine: How Machines Read Your Code
Common Pitfalls: Code Practices That Disable Tree Shaking in Vue.js
melt — An open-source Svelte library for building high-quality, accessible design systems and web apps.