Frontend Weekly Digest #338 (20–26 November 2023)

Fresh Frontend Links
2 min readNov 26, 2023


Stream-able Web Components and their parent/child relationship
Shadow DOM is for hiding your shame
Using the OpenAI platform to analyse automated test failures Trace Pixels To Vectors in Full Color


An Interactive Guide to CSS Grid
Getting started with CSS container queries
Elevate your CSS debugging skills with these Chrome DevTools tricks in 2024
CSS Responsive Multi-Line Ribbon Shapes (Part 2)
A Few Ways CSS Is Easier To Write In 2023
Scroll Timeline Parallax Effect
TailwindCSS as an API — An easy to use API that generates TailwindCSS on the fly.


State of JavaScript 2023
Building a progressive web app in Remix with Remix PWA
Promises Training — Practice working with promises through a curated collection of interactive challenges.
Different Tools For Linting JavaScript Components: A Practical Guide