Frontend Weekly Digest #339 (27 November — 3 December 2023)

Fresh Frontend Links
2 min readDec 3, 2023


Web Development Advent Calendars for 2023
Design System Wisdom 2023
How GenAI Transforms the Landscape of Front-End Development
SVG Tutorial — Learn to code SVG images step by step
HTML Web Components Are Having a Moment
Should AVIF be the dominant image format on the web?
Weird HTML Hacks
You don’t need JavaScript for that
Sluggish CATs: Category Pages Have the Worst Responsiveness (INP) on e-Commerce Sites


🧙‍♂️ CSS trick: transition from height 0 to auto!
Create an Overlay and Transparent Scrollbar that is Visible on Hover using CSS
The `hanging-punctuation` property in CSS
Pure CSS infinite autoplay carousel — no text duplication
CSS Hooks — Inline styles doing what we thought they couldn’t.
Creative use of CSS gradients
oklch() retains perceived lightness for different hue angles
Oh No, Overflow!
Scoping CSS inline styles with css-scope-inline


How JavaScript Promises Work — Tutorial for Beginners
JavaScript in 2023: A Year of Surprises and Transformations!
Let’s learn how modern JavaScript frameworks work by building one
Fastest Way of Passing State to JavaScript, Re-visited
Web Components Eliminate JavaScript Framework Lock-in
Implementing advanced features with the navigator.share API
8 tips to reduce unused JavaScript