Frontend Weekly Digest #34 (20–26 November 2017)

Web Development

Progressive Web Apps: A Crash Course
The Front-End Checklist — The Front-End Checklist Application is perfect for modern websites and meticulous developers!
Localisation and Translation on the Web
Common Security Issues in Web Applications. Part 1


Faux Grid Tracks by Eric Meyer
CSS for Teams
Upgrade Your Project with CSS Selector and Custom Attributes
Grid by Example
On the Growing Popularity of Atomic CSS
The Art of Solving Problems with CSS
Optimizing CSS: Tweaking Animation Performance with DevTools
23 Minutes of Work for Better Font Loading


77% of 433,000 Sites Use Vulnerable JavaScript Libraries
Meet the JavaScript pattern of the year or how to handle async like a boss
PlainJS — A heap of vanilla JavaScript utilities and plugins for accomplishing common front-end tasks. Lots of demos and code examples heres
An Introduction to Regular Expressions (Regex) In JavaScript
How JavaScript works: A comparison with WebAssembly + why in certain cases it’s better to use it over JavaScript
Why we have banned default exports in Javascript and you should do the same
Implementing JavaScript Functors and Monads


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