Frontend Weekly Digest #342 (18–24 December 2023)

Fresh Frontend Links
2 min readDec 24, 2023


FileReader API
Web Development in 2023: JavaScript Still Rules, AI Emerges
DeviceScript — TypeScript for Tiny IoT Devices
AD Support in HTML Video


CSS Nesting
How Do You Vertically Centre an Element in CSS? (Even More) Easily!
Clean Architecture: Theming with Tailwind and CSS Variables
New CSS Viewport Units Do Not Solve The Classic Scrollbar Problem
The mysterious case of using CSS animation-composition: accumulate on a scale transform
Border images in CSS: A key focus area for Interop 2023
What :has() changed in CSS?
Using the CSS contain property: A deep dive


20 Modern Javascript Snippets to Solve Common JS Problems
5 JavaScript Build Systems for 2024
Deep Cloning Objects in JavaScript, the Modern Way
Mastering SOLID Principles in JavaScript: A Comprehensive Guide
Prototypes Unleashed: Turbo Boost Your JavaScript and Leave Slow Code in the Rear View Mirror!