Frontend Weekly Digest #344 (1–7 January 2023)

Fresh Frontend Links
2 min readJan 7, 2024


Frontend predictions for 2024
Web Dev 2024: Fediverse Ramps Up, More AI, Less JavaScript
7 front-end web development trends for 2024
Weird things engineers believe about Web development
A Journey into Wasm
Serving HTML from MS-DOS
How to Defend Against Server-Side Request Forgery
When “Everything” Becomes Too Much: The npm Package Chaos of 2024
The Top Accessibility Errors Found in 2023


Starting to write CSS in 2023 will be different
Background Size Zooming with Scroll Driven Animations
Tyler’s CSS Wish List for 2024
The View Transitions API And Delightful UI Animations (Part 2)


10 Interview Questions Every JavaScript Developer Should Know in 2024
Why JavaScript promises aren’t technically monads
2023 JavaScript Rising Stars
2024 Predictions by JavaScript Frontend Framework Maintainers
Let’s Bring Back JavaScript’s `with()` Statement