Frontend Weekly Digest #349 (5–11 February 2024)

Fresh Frontend Links
2 min readFeb 11, 2024


Web Development Is Getting Too Complex, And It May Be Our Fault
Node.js Community Debate Intensifies Over Enabling Corepack by Default and Potentially Unbundling npm
Starlight vs. Docusaurus for building documentation
Best-Practices for API Authorization
Exploring Interaction to Next Paint, a new Core Web Vital
Doing what’s required: Indicating mandatory fields in an accessible way
Mozilla’s Abandoned Web Engine ‘Servo’ Project is Getting a Well-Deserved Reboot in 2024


Going beyond pixels and (r)ems in CSS — Relative length units based on the viewport
The Truth(tm) about encoding SVG in data URIs
CSS scroll-driven scroll-snapping animations
How to create rounded gradient borders with any background in CSS
Crafting Invisibility: A Guide to 10 Essential CSS Hiding Techniques
CSSformalize — groundbreaking CSS framework engineered exclusively for effortless customization of native HTML forms.


Offloading JavaScript With Custom Properties
Immutable array updates with Array.prototype.with
From many to one: Moving our JavaScript code into a monorepo
Immutable JavaScript — How to Improve the Performance of Your JS Applications
Struggling to Learn React Or Any JavaScript Framework? Here are 7 Mistakes Holding You Back (And What To Do Instead)
5 JavaScript mapping APIs compared