Frontend Weekly Digest #353 (4–10 March 2024)

Fresh Frontend Links
2 min readMar 10, 2024


Practice Your Coding Skills by Building a Program in Different Ways
The quiet, pervasive devaluation of frontend
Ultimate Guide to Visual Testing with Playwright
INP Optimization: Your Roadmap to Improving Website Performance and Google Rankings
“AI” and accessible front-end components: is the nuance generatable?
On-Scroll 3D Stack Motion Effect


Creating color palettes with the CSS color-mix() function
Some little ways I’m using CSS :has() in the real world
Modern CSS Tooltips And Speech Bubbles (Part 2)
Menus, toasts and more with the Popover API, the dialog element, invokers, anchor positioning and @starting-style
Retrofitting fluid typography
Exploring the Creative Power of CSS Filters and Blending
5 ways to style text with CSS inspired by the Spider-verse


Why my code isn’t in TypeScript
Coroutines and web components
Predictive Text Using 2MB of JavaScript, no LLM.
Convert String To Date JavaScript: How To Avoid Mistakes
How to use tRPC in your SvelteKit project if you’re a zoomer fullstack developer