Frontend Weekly Digest #357 (1–7 April 2024)

Fresh Frontend Links
2 min readApr 7, 2024


Core Web Vitals: Rank your websites higher on SEO
How to Prevent Web API Attacks with Data Validation — Web API Security Guide
Diving into the Node.js Website Redesign
The Many, Confusing File System APIs
Front-end development’s identity crisis
What even is a JSON Number?
Interaction to Next Paint (INP) Explained
Node.js: The Documentary | An origin story


Responsive Design with Tailwind CSS
Drawing a Line to Connect Elements with CSS Anchor Positioning
An Interactive Guide to CSS Container Queries
Modern CSS patterns and techniques in Campfire
A Complete Guide to CSS Logical Properties, with Cheat Sheet
Managing User Focus with :focus-visible
Infinite-Scrolling Logos In Flat HTML And Pure CSS
Mojo CSS vs. Tailwind: Choosing the best CSS framework
CSS Hooks and the state of CSS-in-JS


Dioma — Elegant dependency injection container for vanilla JavaScript and TypeScript
History of JS interop in Dart
How to Convert String to Date in JavaScript