Frontend Weekly Digest #359 (15–21 April 2024)

Fresh Frontend Links
2 min readApr 21, 2024



How to Create a Responsive HTML Email Template
Web Components adoption guide: Overview, examples, and alternatives
New Wasm Project Brings Web Components to Backend Languages
Some On-Scroll Text Highlight Animations


A primer on the cascade and specificity
What’s Going On in Dark Theme / Light Theme Land
Things That Can Break aspect-ratio in CSS
Layered Toggles: Optional CSS Mixins
Masonry Layouts in CSS


Converting Plain Text To Encoded HTML With Vanilla JavaScript
Upgrading jQuery: Working Towards a Healthy Web
Qwik vs. Next.js: Which framework is right for your next web project?
Top 5 Underutilized JavaScript Features
Master Reactivity in JavaScript: 8 Powerful Patterns…
Layer Cake — a graphics framework for Svelte
Top 6 JavaScript and NodeJS Libraries for Web Scraping