Frontend Weekly Digest #362 (6–12 May 2024)

Fresh Frontend Links
2 min readMay 12, 2024



Using the Popover API for HTML Tooltips
The evolution of Figma’s mobile engine: Figma’s journey to TypeScript
Building a Chat Integration with Google Gemini
Composability to Jamstack: Drilling Down on Frontend Terms
Overcoming the Challenges of Working With a Mobile FinTech API
Render-blocking on purpose
Exploring a 3D Text Distortion Effect With React Three Fiber
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Using CSS Scroll-Driven Animations for Section-Based Scroll Progress Indicators
Introducing the CSS anchor positioning API
The Modern Guide For Making CSS Shapes
Why don’t we talk about minifying CSS anymore?


Five Basic Things About JavaScript That Will Help Non JavaScript-Focused Web Designers
New alternatives to innerHTML
Why Patching Globals Is Harmful
How to Get a Perfect Deep Equal in JavaScript