Frontend Weekly Digest #364 (20–26 May 2024)

Fresh Frontend Links
2 min readMay 27, 2024



Switching It Up With HTML’s Latest Control
How Spotify used the Picture-in-Picture API to build the Spotify Miniplayer
When should we use components and when should we just use HTML?
Understand errors and warnings better with Gemini
Animating the Dialog Element


Introducing Pigment CSS: the next generation of CSS-in-JS
Modern CSS Layouts: You Might Not Need A Framework For That
On compliance vs readability: Generating text colors with CSS
We’ve Got Container Queries Now, But Are We Actually Using Them?
contrast-color() is a good thing, but also solving the problem at the wrong layer
Should you use text-emphasis CSS Property for your headlines?
Bulma CSS adoption guide: Overview, examples, and alternatives
Enhance CSS view transitions with Velvette


What’s new in JavaScript Frameworks (May 2024)
Top 5 Cutting-Edge JavaScript Techniques
Websocket Alternative: How to use Firestore to Listen to Realtime Events