Frontend Weekly Digest #366 (3–9 Jun 2024)

Fresh Frontend Links
2 min readJun 9, 2024



Playing with the Speculation Rules API in the Console
htmx: Simplicity in an Age of Complicated Solutions
How Deep is Your DOM?
Full Stack Web Push API Guide
Beyond Chatbots: How AI Can Change Frontend Development
TanStack Introduces New Meta-Framework Based on Its Router
3 new features to customize your performance workflows in DevTools
Why Are There No Mobile Accessibility Guidelines in WCAG?


CapUnit: A look at how I solved a design problem with CSS cap unit.
CSS-only Custom Range Slider with Motion
Custom Top and Bottom CSS Container Masks
Useful CSS Tips And Techniques
CSS Length Units
Fine-tuning Text Inputs
Let’s hang! An intro to CSS Anchor Positioning with basic examples


The JavaScript this Keyword Explained with Examples
Control JavaScript Promises from Anywhere Using Promise.withResolvers()
Testing Types in TypeScript
Promises From The Ground Up
Merge anything — Merge objects & other types recursively. A simple & small integration.
How To Write API Response Types with TypeScript