Frontend Weekly Digest #42 (15–21 January 2018)


Bootstrap 4 release, + discussion on reddit
How To Create a Living Style Guide


5 exciting new HTML and CSS features to look forward to in 2018
How Big Is That Box? Understanding Sizing In CSS Layout
Learning CSS grid layout with the Swiss
Layout Land by Jen Simmons — Learn about the new layout possibilities in web design
CSS Naming Conventions that Will Save You Hours of Debugging
Crooked Style Sheets. Proof of concept for website tracking/analytics using only CSS and without JavaScript
CSS Grid + CSS Multi-Columns = ♥ — learn CSS Grid with Wes Bos in 25 pretty good videos


The Ultimate Guide to JavaScript Frameworks
jQuery 3.3.0 — A fragrant bouquet of deprecations and…is that a new feature?
So, you wanna use ES6 modules
• The Complete Guide To Deploying JavaScript Applications — Part 2: Single Page Applications, Logging, SSL

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