Frontend Weekly Digest #45 (5–11 February 2018)


Front-end Frameworks: Custom vs Ready-to-use Solutions
Another reason to use noopener — A deep dive into renderer process allocation


CSS Code Can Be Abused to Collect Sensitive User Data
Using Media Queries For Responsive Design In 2018
Modern CSS Explained For Dinosaurs
Using Conic Gradients and CSS Variables to Create a Doughnut Chart Output for a Range Input
Building Themed Sites with CSS Variables
Counting With CSS Counters and CSS Grid
modern-normalize — modern-normalize — normalize browsers’ default style
3 Superpowers of the Flex-Box Model — How flex-basis, flex-shrink and flex-grow work.
Internet Explorer exists. Use CSS Grid?


Learn to spot red flags in your React/JavaScript code 🚩
An Overview of JavaScript Testing in 2018
Five Common Problems in GraphQL Apps (And How to Fix Them)
JavaScript Frameworks by the Numbers — Winter 2018
Angular 5 vs. React vs. Vue
Using Default Parameters in ES6
Private Variables in JavaScript


Here’s how Google Chrome’s new ad blocker works
Opera 51 comes with improved browsing speed
Chrome 65 Beta: CSS Paint API and the ServerTiming API



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